About Us

About ACI Products

With its roots in the oil & gas and industrial, ACI Products is a company dedicated to innovation and customer service. Founded in 2009, ACI Founders Jeremie Thornburg & Jerry Bray used their experience in the industry to create, The Skid Dump.

What is the Skid Dump?

The Skid Dump is a blow case that was designed to protect the environment from spills and make life easier for compressor technicians. Built for safety, reliability, longevity and ease of repair. Constructed of steel pipe, by an ASME code shop, and assembled with high quality components designed for long life. The Skid Dump was originally designed as an environmental tank for skid drain applications for natural gas compressors.

As compressor technicians, we have experienced the many difficulties with the environmental tanks of the past. Compressor skids not only get rained on and oily, but they also get dirty, with gravel, bugs, trash, etc. Nothing on the market could deal with the challenges of the skid drain. Standard check valves, used with other blow cases, were always clogging with debris, leaving the blow case inoperable. And diaphragm pumps were continuously getting stuck or had trash trapped internally. Either design required constant attention. Frustration, with constantly clearing the trash from check valves and diaphragm pumps and with manual blow cases that never get drained, led us to invent the Skid Dump.

The Skid Dump is the only blow case that uses our Patented normally open internal inlet valve. This design allows debris to flow through the inlet valve and into the Skid Dump. Heavy debris falls into the discharge port located below the inlet valve. The level control is located on top of the Skid Dump and at the opposite end of the inlet valve. The float operates in a simple vertical motion. The Skid Dump also includes a 1” PRV and bracket for the relief piping. The design of the Skid Dump facilitates ease of repair and low cost of ownership.

About the Founders

Jeremie Thornburg and Jerry Bray began their careers in the oil field as mechanics and welders on drilling rigs in 1997. They later began work as gas compressor technicians. Their experience includes packaging of gas compressors as well as major overhauls, repairs, maintenance and emissions compliance.