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The ACI Products Supply Gas Filter is a reverse flow fuel/supply gas filter scrubber with automatic dump system. It can be used to clean fuel gas to your engines, the supply gas to location equipment controls or instrument air.


The ACI Products Supply Gas Filter is built with 6” Sch. 40 seamless pipe and has an ASME code stamp. The ACI Products Supply Gas Filter comes fully assembled with a Murphy LS200NDVO level control compatible with fluids with a Specific Gravity as low as 0.5. The ACI Products Supply Gas Filter will operate with pressures of 30 – 250 PSI. The included filter has a 3 micron rating and is designed for applications with condensates or natural gas liquids as well as water and debris.



  • Fuel gas filter/scrubber for natural gas engines
  • Supply gas filter/scrubber for flare pilots, equipment burners
  • Supply gas filter/scrubber for pneumatic controls
  • Industrial, municipal, mining, landfills, oil & gas
  • Instrument air filter

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