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How It Works

ACI products’ patented blow case design is especially efficient at on-site fluid displacement. Here’s how it works.

Efficient Operation

After years of experience at extraction sites, we designed the ACI products’ skid dump with a unique inlet valve system allowing for debris to pass through without impeding the normal function of the blow case.

Environmentally conscientious

Our mission is to create products that help preserve the environment by preventing damaging spills and increases operational efficiency on oil and natural gas sites.


Green Innovation

Our products ensure a greener planet for future generations

About ACI products Skid Dump x

Founded in 2009, ACI Products is a company dedicated to bringing unique, environmentally friendly innovations to the oil and gas industry.
After years of observing operations at extraction sites, we noticed how often blow cases required repair or replacement.

Due to fundamental design flaws, most blow case brands suffer frequent clogging  from debris that enter the system, which ultimately leads to harmful environmental spills, translating into increased cost of cleanup and maintenance operations.


Our patented Blow Case valve system greatly reduces the likelihood of environmental spills through clogging and blockage.


The unique design of our product drastically lowers operational overheads and increases the efficiency gains at any natural gas extraction site.

How It Works x


Fluid Enters

Fluids enter the Skid Dump through the inlet pipe and internal inlet valve. As the fluid level increases, a float rises to move the 3-way control valve to the pressure/on position.

Pneumatic pressure on

Pneumatic pressure then flows from the supply connection  through the control valve. The pressure shifts the vent valve to the closed position and the pressure/vent valve from the vent position to the pressure position.

Pressure closes inlet valve

Pneumatic pressure then flows through the pressure/vent valve and into the Skid Dump through the pressure nozzle  and closes the internal inlet valve.

Fluid discharged

Pressurized, the Skid Dump forces the contents out through the discharge port.

Pressure vents

As the liquid level decreases, the float descends and shifts the control valve to the off/exhaust position. Supply pressure exhausts from the vent valve and pressure/vent valve to return them to the vent position to stop the flow of pneumatic pressure into the Skid Dump and allow the pressure in the Skid Dump to exit through the vent ports.

Process repeats

As the pressure is relieved, the internal inlet valve (2) returns to the open position to allow more fluids to enter the Skid Dump and the process starts over again.

Our Products x

Model 75KPFS-F Skid Dump

The ACI Products Model 75KPFS Skid Dump is a pneumatic displacement pump or blow case that uses pneumatic pressure as the motive force to pump fluids to a desired point.

Model 10-120KPFS-F Skid Dump

The Model 10-120KPFS Skid Dump is built with 10” Sch. 40 seamless pipe and has an ASME code stamp.

Model 120KPFS-F Skid Dump

The Model 120 Skid Dump is built with 6” Sch. 40 seamless pipe and has an ASME code stamp.

Supply Gas Filter

The ACI Products Supply Gas Filter is a reverse flow fuel/supply gas filter scrubber with automatic dump system. It can be used to clean fuel gas to your engines, the supply gas to location equipment controls or instrument air.

Testimonials x

Prior to utilizing ACI, there were frequent micro switch failures, additional equipment and installation costs, and damage to components which led to complete replacement. The ACI unit installations improved operational runtime and decreased overall capital and operation costs. These units were a huge success! Jeb Duncan, Mechanical Engineer of oil & gas facilities in Permian & Delaware Basins
ACI products

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