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How It Works

The operation of the Skid Dump begins with fluids entering the Skid Dump through the inlet pipe (1) and internal inlet valve (2). As the fluid level increases within the Skid Dump, the float (3) rises to move the 3-way control valve (4) to the pressure/on position. Pneumatic pressure then flows from the supply connection (9) through the control valve (4). The pressure shifts the vent valve (5) to the closed position and the pressure/vent valve (6) from the vent position to the pressure position. Pneumatic pressure then flows through the pressure/vent valve (6) and into the Skid Dump through the pressure nozzle (7) and closes the internal inlet valve (2), pressurized the Skid Dump and forces the contents out through the discharge port (8).

As the liquid level decreases, the float (3) descends and shifts the control valve (4) to the off/exhaust position. Supply pressure exhausts from the vent valve (5) and pressure/vent valve (6) to return them to the vent position to stop the flow of pneumatic pressure into the Skid Dump and allow the pressure in the Skid Dump to exit through the vent ports. As the pressure is relieved, the internal inlet valve (2) returns to the open position to allow more fluids to enter the Skid Dump and the process starts over again.