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Skid Dump / Blow Case

U.S. Patent #10036406, #10921829

The ACI Products Model 10-120KPFS-F Skid Dump is a pneumatic displacement pump or blow case that uses pneumatic pressure as the motive force to pump fluids to a desired point.

The Skid Dump is the only blow case that is designed with a patented, normally open, internal flapper valve. The special design of the patented internal flapper valve gives the Skid Dump the unique ability to pump fluids with a near zero inlet head pressure. It can even move fluids contaminated with debris.

The Model 10-120KPFS-F Skid Dump is a fully automated, all-pneumatic operation that simplifies installation, eliminates shock hazards, and is suitable for explosion-proof areas. The Skid Dump is a simple, rugged, reliable design that will provide years of dependable service with a low repair and maintenance cost.


The Model 10-120KPFS-F Skid Dump is built with 10Sch. 40 seamless pipe and has an ASME code stamp. The Model 10-120KPFS Skid Dump comes fully assembled with a KENCO KPFS level control compatible with fluids with a Specific Gravity as low as 0.5. The Model 10-120KPFS-F Skid Dump will operate with pressures of 60 – 120 PSI and pumps up to 50 gallons/minute.



Originally designed as an environmental tank to pump oil and water for skid drain applications in the oil and gas industry, the Model 10-120KPFS ACI Skid Dump can be used to pump liquids in many other applications, including;

ACI Skid Dump Applications:

  • Environmental tanks for Skid Drain applications; (Compressors, VRU’s, LACT units, etc.)
  • Compressor packing vent drains
  • Compressor scrubber vessel drains/dumps
  • Condensate knockout before VRU’s or Flares
  • Fuel scrubber dump
  • Pumping unit rod packing leaks
  • Tank containment pump
  • BTEX from Dehydrators
  • Stormwater, wastewater, salt water, floodwater
  • Distillates pump, condensate pump, sump pump, slurry pump
  • Industrial, municipal, mining, landfills, oil & gas

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