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U.S. Patent #10036406, #10921829

The ACI Products Model 120 Skid Dump is a pneumatic displacement pump or blow case that uses pneumatic pressure as the motive force to pump fluids to a desired point.

The Skid Dump is the only blow case that is designed with a patented, normally open, internal flapper valve. The special design of the patented internal flapper valve gives the Skid Dump the unique ability to pump fluids with a near-zero inlet head pressure. It can even move fluids contaminated with debris.

The Model 120 Skid Dump is a fully automated, all-pneumatic operation which simplifies installation, eliminates shock hazards, and is suitable for explosion-proof areas. The Skid Dump is a simple, rugged, reliable design that will provide years of dependable service with a low repair and maintenance cost.


The Model 120 Skid Dump is built with 6” Sch. 40 seamless pipe and has an ASME code stamp. The Model 120 Skid Dump comes fully assembled with a microvalve level control compatible with fluids with a Specific Gravity as low as 0.7. The Model 120 Skid Dump will operate with pressures of 20 – 120 PSI and pumps up to 12 gallons/minute.



Originally designed as an environmental tank to pump oil and water for skid drain applications in the oil and gas industry, the Model 120 ACI Skid Dump can be used to pump liquids in many other applications, including;

ACI Skid Dump Applications:

  • Environmental tanks for Skid Drain applications; (Compressors, VRU’s, LACT units, etc.)
  • Compressor packing vent drains
  • Compressor scrubber vessel drains/dumps
  • Pumping unit rod packing leaks
  • Tank containment pump
  • Stormwater, wastewater, saltwater, floodwater
  • sump pump, slurry pump
  • Industrial, municipal, mining, landfills, oil & gas


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